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I emailed to myself from my phone and photo ended up here. How do I delete? Is this a joke?

Jane , 28.07.2011, 07:26
Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 31.07.2011
Hi Jane!
Please specify where your photo appeared? At http://pho.to website or somewhere else?
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Janelle, 26.11.2011, 15:21
hi there, i have the same problem as Jane.
I didnt even email myself, but saved the picture to my camera roll and it ended in the www... website you provided!
please let me know how i can remove the picture as it's been more than 4 days!
xyz, 27.07.2012, 06:17
I dont know from where did my picture came on this site.. I want to get rid of it. Pls help me. Is there any way i can delete them? pls help
tommy, 27.07.2012, 11:25
Dear user,
Please send us the picture link on this e-mail support@pho.to so we can delete it.
khawla, 24.10.2012, 16:49
please delite my pictures please please please
tommy, 25.10.2012, 13:02
Please, send us links to the pictures you want to be deleted on this e-mail support@pho.to
max, 19.10.2014, 17:13
I need a photo deleted also could u assist me really important plz
jingrey, 09.05.2013, 07:31
how to send link to Support@pho.to.... ? i got same problem.. please delete my pic that uploaded here.. huhuhu.. need immediately respon please..
markova, 13.05.2013, 07:23
Dear jingrey,
Just copy it and insert in a letter body in order to e-mail it to us.
Mona, 29.07.2013, 03:47
I've sent you my photo's link but you don't respond and my photo remains on your site!
Karim, 26.11.2013, 21:06
What a surprise? How comes we cannot remove our photos from your website??
markova, 27.11.2013, 06:44
Dear Karim,
All photos are deleted automatically in 24 hours. In case of sharing they will be deleted automatically in 30-days of ignorance. If you don't want them store on-line, please send the link to the support@pho.to
KHAILD, 22.12.2013, 08:37
I sent you twice the photo's link to delete and the photo is still in your website.
markova, 24.12.2013, 06:08
Dear user,
They will be deleted in few days.
Asha, 14.02.2014, 05:52
Please delete http://pho.to/4kPqz immediately.
anuj, 05.05.2014, 06:06
please delete this pic as soon as possible

markova, 19.05.2014, 08:36
Dear Anuj! Please send the link for deletion at support@pho.to
kurn, 28.09.2014, 04:16
whether the uploaded photos will be automatically deleted if it is not opened within three months?
markova, 30.09.2014, 06:16
Dear user! If you like to delete the picture immediately, pleasesend us the link at support@pho.to
Odj, 26.11.2014, 07:14
Please remove all my pictures from your site. Whatttttt !!!!!
markova, 27.11.2014, 06:35
Dear user! If you like to delete the picture immediately, please send us the link at support@pho.to
Aj , 06.01.2015, 17:22
http://pho.to/8ZvHH Please delete this photo ASAP please. Thank you
Lewis Bennett , 30.01.2015, 21:45
Same problem as everyone else I've emailed the link and expect a response asap
bhavin vaghela, 13.02.2015, 05:48
mah, 18.02.2015, 15:54
i have edit some pictures but i forgot to delete them.but now i can find the link of them. plz help me. want to delete them.
mah, 19.02.2015, 09:55
i had edit some photoes but i didn't delete these pics.but now i cannot find the link of these pics.i want to delete these pics.plzzzzz help me
markova, 20.02.2015, 09:43
Dear Mah! Please send us the link for deletion.
mah, 22.02.2015, 13:51
these are the links where i had edit pics,,,,,,,i cant see my edited pics there... it was that type of link like http://pho.to/......i cant see my edited pics again so i am unable to send u a link....can somebody see my pics? how to find out my own edited pics....
markova, 23.02.2015, 09:42
Dear Mah! These photos have been deleted.
mona, 04.03.2015, 16:16
i have edit some pics without registration,but immediately i leaved these pages,but i am not able to see these pics again..can u tell me where are these pics?
markova, 05.03.2015, 08:12
Dear Mona! You can view the browser history and you will find those pictures.
mona, 05.03.2015, 15:44
oh! i have deleted browse history..can anybody see my pics??
markova, 06.03.2015, 07:07
Dear Mona! Nobody can view your pics, because only you had the link to the pics.
misha, 21.10.2015, 17:12
How can I delete a picture , I don´t want to be in internet
misha, 21.10.2015, 17:13
I need you delete my picture
markova, 22.10.2015, 09:46
Dear Misha! Please send us the link for deletion.

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